Why Gardens?

There are several reasons that this project was started—they are listed below and I hope that you will add to that list other reasons that your community and school are participating. 

  • Research shows that students who garden are more interested in school and make better grades.
  • PACERS believes that science is best learned by students doing the work of scientists which includes our aquaculture, solar, and gardening programs.  There is a lot of science and math to be learned from gardening—that is why we are emphasizing the lesson plans.
  • Community/school gardens are proven to make stronger connections between schools and communities and can serve as a means for enhancing community life and well-being.
  • Community gardens can help meet local food needs and can become the basis for entrepreneurship as well.

Gardens – Grant Money & Lesson Plans

Remember that part of the grant money you receive must be spent on lesson plans to be prepared by teachers.  More about this later—for now you should know that the lesson plans will be collected and published by PACERS and that there will be a small stipend for lesson plans that meet the basic criteria for the project.

Gardens – 2011 Conference Details

There will be a session on the project at the PACERS Annual Conference (April 22 at Camp Hill) and a chance to visit the excellent garden started last year by the Camp Hill Chapter.  There is a lot to learn from what they have done.

Garden Test Post – Prep Work in Camp Hill

This is a test post. It may be that there is prep work in Camp Hill. They might be tilling and fertilizing as well as having community meetings to organize their efforts for the coming spring plant this year. Members might include Jean Mosley among others.

Florala Newspaper now On-Line


Camp Hill Planning Empowerment Meeting

This Saturday, November 13th, the Camp Hill PACERS Chapter will host a meeting at Edward Bell High School. Participants will gather from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to discuss a wide variety of topics designed for “Empowering The People/Students”.
Now that their community has successfully run a community garden, they want to look toward the future and talk about issues that will be important to sustain them and build more great outcomes. Subject matter will include: Grantwriting, Marketing, Financing, and USDA Resources available to Gardners and Farmers.

PACERS JULY 28TH, 2010 Newsletter

The latest PACERS Newsletter is now available for viewing.