The PACERS blog is a means for gathering and sharing information and ideas that are crucial for local chapters and schools (and for small rural communities and schools throughout Alabama).  The blog will focus on issues of policy and administration that impact rural Alabama—e.g. school closure.  Its contents will include community news and documentation and perspectives on rural education, as well as information on rural community/individual health, entrepreneurship, food/low-impact gardening/community gardens, and low-cost  energy and shelter alternatives(e.g. information on PACERS passive solar programs/designs, contributions from “green” architects and engineers working with PACERS). Contributors will include community members,  teachers sponsoring and students involved in PACERS programs, and professional consultants.  The PACERS blog will promote inter-community conversation essential for PACERS organization and chapter building and will serve as a format for PACERS communities to gather and share news on issues and programs specific to their interests and needs.  Please let us hear from you–your news and perspectives are essential!


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